Please follow installation instructions to ensure proper set up and complete understanding of how this device functions.

Failure to follow directions could result in accidental discharge, injury, or death.

By installing this you are assuming liability for any and all damages incurred from the use or misuse of this product.

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, lets get this installed!






Step 2: Remove the two lower screws from the assembly using the supplied hex wrench.




Step 3: Slide the left side over the trigger guard as shown.




Step 4: Install the right side over the guide pins and install the lower screws, tightening with the supplied hex wrench.




Step 5: Use the thumb screw to lock the assembly down lightly, then rotate the crank until one of the paddles puts enough pressure on the trigger to lightly deform it.

This should be done with the safety on. With a paddle touching the trigger, the upper paddle should have 1/8" of space from the upper section of the trigger.

Tighten the thumb screw securely, this may need to be done a couple times until the assembly is seated fully.

Now you can place the selector to the fire position (MAKE SURE THE WEAPON IS CLEAR!) and rotate the crank to ensure function. Readjust if necessary.






Before loading a magazine and racking that charging handle, make sure the crank handle is in the downward position,

and charge the weapon without a magazine so you can engage the safety BEFORE inserting a magazine.

If you charge with live rounds without noting the position of the crank, there is a good possibility of an accidental discharge!

Please follow all gun safety practices, they are the only thing between you and an early meeting with JESUS!



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